It is India's leading online education company that provides high quality Online Skill Development program. We intend to align ourselves with the Skill India Mission to empower youth by online facilitating Skill Development Programs certified through recognised organizations and there by providing placement assistance education company that provides high quality, industry relevant certifications and preparation for students, young graduates and working professionals.
These courses are designed and reviewed specially by recognised body & Universities and industry experts providing participants with real life situations. Most of our courses include PDF and AV Lecturesclasseswith Time flexibility and Cost effectiveness with offline / online study material with Placement Assistance.Curriculums aligned with National Occupation Standards and Qualification Pack as per the Job Role and having Final exam at a secured testing facility.
Once you are done with course of skill development than you will be placed to the companies. Moreover our process will be define very soon and our team is working very dedicately.
Smart Skill Tech provide skill development course and certificate courses in different Sectors like Information technology, BFSI, Hospitality and Tourism, Apparels.Smart Skill tech also offering soft skilled courses related to office productivity, IT, Business etc.Smart Skill Tech also offering some Autonoyms or Job oriented course which are very useful to enhance / upgrade candidate employability skills.
Smart Skill tech is a Skill India Mission to empower youth by online facilitating Skill Development Programs by providing PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE. As in India's growing Skill development platform, where people develop their skills , learn, improve and explore their talents to the world. Moreover we will braodly define our process very soon as we are still developing our process dedicately for the seekers.
Classroom training is not fully available for the participants of online courses as the idea of creating a platform for online education is to remove the need of going to a classroom for studying. However, there are offline skilled training centers for different skill development course module with theory and practicals. `
Continuous assessments are included in the course. There are online and offline testing for each and every module so that student may know their study progress, for Soft skill development exams there is online test for course module
Participant's login ID is valid forever. However, may every course comes with certain validity.
Go to www. smartskilltech.com choose one or more courses that you want to study. You will be asked to register yourself. Then choose the enrolment option and subscribe.Once its done then you will get access to the course immediately.
An online course is a course in which learning and student participation takes place over the Internet. Through an online platform called Canvas, students connect to an environment that includes weekly lessons and assignments, as well as discussion boards and optional video meetings so students can interact with each other and with the instructor.
The instructors are the online course material in the form of pdf,presentations,word document.
In a typical course, students get a series of weekly lessons that include components such as carefully selected readings, video lectures, discussion points, and assignments. Using online discussion boards and optional video meetings, students receive feedback from the Portal, as well as have substantive discussion with their peers about the materials and themes of the course.
On average, each course requires at least four to six hours a week. This includes weekly readings, completing assignments, watching video lectures, and participating in online class discussions.
There are no prerequisites for the courses currently being offered. All the courses require is a healthy curiosity about the subject of the course, and a willingness to participate in the class discussions!
Yes , certain minimum criteria is to be passed by a candidate and valid details in order to get a NSDC certificate.
Yes. After you register for a course, you will receive a list of the required details of payment option. You will Pay either by credit card, debit card, internet banking or paytm wallet.
Students will have grading options. The online courses can be taken the grading format like A+,A,B+,B,C, D. It will show the performance of a candidate for further placement process.
Smartskilltech will provide certificates that will be beneficial for future enhancement .
You can register for an online course by visiting www.smartskilltech.com/learning/CourseContent.aspx. Click on the signup option.
No. You can enroll at any time before the course begins. However, please be aware that many Continuing Studies courses fill to capacity well before the start date, so early registration is encouraged.
Canvas Requirements: Operating Systems: Windows 7 and newer, Mac OSX 10.6 and newer, Linux - chromeOS. Browsers: You must update to the newest version of whatever browser you are using. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari, beta versions of browsers are not supported and Internet Explorer is problematic. Please make sure that your web browser has JavaScript and cookies enabled.
Smartskilltech comprises of many certificates you can go for any one however prices may be different . Our company is linked up with many government bodies like nsdc,atos etc.
It will be provided on your certificate as well as at the time of examination.
Once you passed the exam of course that you are opted you will get calls after shortlisting your profile
Our support will get back to you after completion and generation of certificate and company Hr will call you if your cv is shortlisted.
Depend upon your course and user activeness.
There is no option to change but there is option forgot password.
You can attach your certificate but there is no option as if now.

Please email info@smartskilltech.com or call 91 7290 003 096 with any questions.