About Japanese Work Culture Program

Ranging from the dedicated work professional to cultured individuals, Japanese are known for their work etiquettes. They believe in high loaded work ethos, fulfilling commitments and assume their work as the sovereign.  Learning and practicing these standards are worthwhile in maintaining the anticipated driving force at the workplace.

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The Course Is Best Fit For-
  • The person looking for career prospectus in Japanese Firms
  • The person applying to Indian Suppliers/Traders of Japanese Companies
  • Management Professionals
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Assistant Managers
  • Executive Assistant
  • Process Coordinators
  • Assistant HR
  • Assistant Operations
  • Fresher
  • House Wives
  • Freelancers, Part-time work seekers
Key Outcomes

After the successful completion of this course, you will groom in these domains-

  • PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)
  • Functional 5S (Implemented at every Japanese company)
  • Time Management (Just-in-time)
  • Productivity Pyramid (Skills and Methods that Japan Uses)
  • Kaizen (Continuous Improvement)
  • Problem-solving process (how the Japanese think and solve problems)
  • Assertive Behaviour (adequate methods and behavior to handle a team)
  • BASK Training (Behaviour, Attitude, Skills, Knowledge)
  • Communication Skills (Based on Body Language, Kinesis; Verbal and Non- verbal communication)
  • Leadership Styles
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Jennifer Pandya

The online learning program at Smart Skill Tech was useful when I expected to get graduate credit while working an all-day work. It was incredible that I could sign in on my timetable and complete homework throughout the end of the week. I could take an interest in a talk from anyplace! My online courses were shockingly intelligent. We had week by week discourses and everybody - including the teachers – helped me usually. I nearly feel like I became more acquainted with my cohorts superior to anything I do in a customary classroom since we each had the chance to present ourselves and offer our contemplations through tasks and exchanges. My educators reacted immediately when I had an inquiry and gave me point by point suggestions on assignments.

Course content 16 lectures
It is considered as the process of PDCA which is known as the management process that continuously makes the improvement in the small processes or the overall system values. The term ‘PDCA’ is recognized as the PLAN DO CHECK ACT or PLAN DO CHECK to ADJUST which is considered as iterative steps of four process with the method of management used for controlling the business and improvement of processes and products.
The 5S method is about the creation or organizing the functional working place by assuring the things are in the correct place which is ready for us. Overall values of stream improvement with respect mutually.
The skills of communication or vocabulary are the ability used while giving or receiving the different types of information by taking such examples which includes ideas, feelings, and the incidents happening around you. these skills help you improve your sense of hearing speaking observing etc.
The umbrella of kaizen is built by Imai which gives iteration of the different types of practices of a key which get involves the variety of activities that an organization or institution takes by bringing the continuous improvement in it.
Being or developing assertive behavior is to express yourself and stand up at your point of view or opinion by respecting the rights and beliefs of others. This will help you boost your self-esteem and this is what explained in this block.
This is considered as one of the arts of influence and inspiration o the people’s group towards the achievement and success of organization goals or aims with focusing on the management of work with its duration.
There are mainly three types of productivity pyramids such as energy, biomass, and numbers. The ecological productive pyramid represents the amount of energy including the level of topics in the food chain or food web.
It is known as the steps or process of planning and exercising the control of time consciously with spending time accurately by completing the work within its deadlines with the increase in the effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.
The word ‘BASK’ stands for behaviour, attitude, skills, knowledge. Knowledge means the condition of creating awareness of anything or some things. It is the concepts or facts where you need to apply this with adding your skills.
The solving of problems or issues are considered as one of the most efficient ways to improve productivity by minimizing the losses affected to you.


  • Basic Knowledge of English Language


You're more likely than not familiar to some degree with Japanese work culture because of its gigantic charm overseas. Regardless of whether it's through coming into contact with this current country's stunning cooking, taking advantage of its captivating films and acts, or basically sharing in its extraordinary popular culture, you can detect tastes of Japan's energizing society wherever you go.

Japan is perceived worldwide because of its expert and profitable work culture that holds a position of gathering triumph. The associations and the workforces of Japanese organizations believe in the thought of savvy work rather than buckling down, and it is said that one can be profitable by placing increasingly more time in lively arranging and spending less in use. Indeed, even with its extraordinary social differences, living and working in Japan can be an enhancing background for everybody.

You'll get some amazing in work propensities to use back on your home turf and leave with a radical new approach to the business world. You can likewise extemporize your administration abilities with such a scholastic plagued by Japanese work culture. We offer NASSCOM accredited online course which is open for anyone and everybody. The Course cover key characteristics of Japanese culture, company structure and business customs.

Seminars include a mixture of presentation, video, interactive learning experiences and discussion. Participants are provided a training workbook with all content from the program.

  • Japanese Cultural Values
  • Japanese Etiquette
  • Japanese Communication Style
  • Japanese Work Style
  • Japanese Decision-Making Style
  • Building Relations with Colleagues and Customers
  • Japan Country Overview
  • Relationships and Hierarchy
  • Society and Conventions
  • Japanese Dining and Drinking Etiquette
  • Communication and Interpreters
  • Relationship Building
  • Service and Presentation
  • Business Travel in Japan

Student feedback


Work becomes more enjoyable when you are completely in it. This synchronicity is missing in many jobs. Also When you are doing something you have to do your hundred percent. This much I have learnt from this course.

Preeti Singh

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