Questions you should ask when choosing an Online Program

EXPECTATIONS Set your goals (academic and professional). Understand your limitations (time and money).

  • What does the program expect of you?
LEARNING EXPERIENCES Online courses vary greatly among programs.
  • What is it like to learn online in this program?
  • Do they have experienced online instructors?
MONEY MATTERS Your e-learning is an investment in yourself. Understand all the associated expenses.
  • Do you pay more to learn online?
  • Are you required to meet in person at times?
TECHNOLOGY Know the program’s technical requirements.
  • What are the hardware requirements?
  • Is technical support available when I need it?
SUPPORT SERVICES You will need support outside of your classes
  • Are services (tutoring. library) available online?
OUTCOMES Support services should continue beyond your graduation
  • Are students completing the online program?
What help is available to get the right job?

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