Jul 2018

How to Boost Your CV for Easy Hiring

With the level of competition and high expectations in the labor force now, getting hired is not an easy feat. The job offers you get are largely based on the quality of your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Your CV is the key to getting through the door and will definitely speak volumes even in your absence. So, the question is how do you make your CV attractive and unique especially for young professionals, entry-level graduates, students and interns? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Employers like to see work experience on your CV. For an entry-level candidate with very little work experience, this presents a challenge. Your CV needs to make a great first impression but how?

1. Many candidates leave out extracurricular activities but this is a big mistake. Highlight your work placements, internships, charity works, volunteer works in societies, events and community roles.
You might think these are not important but they make all the difference especially when you can point to a leadership role. They show a high level of potential, transferable skills and commitment.

2. Contrary to popular opinion, you shouldn’t use the same CV for all job interviews as employers can sense a generic CV with ease. Tailoring your CV to fit the exact job description you are applying will definitely put you a step ahead of other applicants as it will show real interest and commitment. Always make sure to do your research before applying and customize your resume for every new job or position you apply for.

3. Takeshort courses, workshops and seminars and include them in your CV. This is especially useful in other areas outside or complementary to your degree as it shows a diversity of skills and abilities.
Many students make the mistake of focusing singularly on their area of study while in school only to realize after the missed opportunity the need for learning a diverse range of courses.

4. Add figures, statistics and details that show strong performance either in grades or achievements in your internship, volunteering or other placements.

5. This seems rather simple and obvious but you’d be shocked. While you should use a striking and memorable CV format. Don’t go too crazy or unprofessional unless the role you’re applying for requires it.

6. Provide links to your published work, LinkedIn profile, and relevant material you have online which will be a bonus and complement your skills and talents for this role. Do not provide links for a personal social media handle which you wouldn’t want your future boss to see.

7. Make sure to put in a summary paragraph that is short and sharp on your objectives, history interests and achievements.

8. Keep your CV as short as possible. Most employers do not have too much time to spend on one CV so make sure it’s eye-catching but simple.

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