How Adopting Kaizen to Work Can Boost Your Career

KAIZEN is derived from two Japanese terms ‘KAI’, which means good and ‘ZEN’ means change. So Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement throughout all aspects of life. Kaizen can be seen both as a methodology and philosophy. Kaizen activities, when applied to a business, can revamp every function of it, from manufacturing to marketing and from the CEO to the assembly line workers. Kaizen aims to eliminate waste in all systems of an organization through improving standardized activities and processes. Now, you might wonder, what’s the need of Kaizen in your personal development? Well, it reduces the overly done hard work (more) and reduces waste (muda). Thus, it saves a lot of time which can be utilized in various other activities. Ultimately, helping you become more organized and efficient. To make the best use of Kaizen, you need to follow certain steps. The process involves the following phases:

  1. Identification of a perfect opportunity
  2. Analyzing the entire process
  3. Developing the solution
  4. Implementing the solution
  5. Studying of results
  6. Standardize the solution
  7. Planning for the future.
If a solution to a problem doesn’t overcome the hurdle, then straightaway start from the top, that is, begin with a more concrete plan. Analyze and make the necessary changes. Now, you know how to use Kaizen in your personal development. But, how would you apply it in your office? Well, below are the points that will help you with the same.   1.Enlighten everybody with the Kaizan culture in the workplace.So the first rule is "you have to know it to do it.Make everybody familiar with the process by taking in several workshops. 2.Create a supportive environment.Employees must know that they will be supported by superiors in every way possible and will be provided guidance with ease. 3.Start the flow of communication.Eventually, this will lead to creative ideas flowing around the workplace.Let the employees implement their own suggestions as much as possible.You can also use suggestion boxes for this purpose. 4.Remove barriers by the use of Kaizan boards which help in effective communication.It will allow to post ideas and track their progress. Make them well aware of their own improvements and progress.Workers will gain a sense of ownership over their tasks and they become more involved in the aspect of their business. Implementing all the above points will have numerous benefits as described below:
  1. Quality of Goods: Final goods produced are of far better service, work is completed before time without hassles of the deadline, the environment is far more nurturing and healthier than before, practice leads to better results than before and the processes become more productive.
  2. Cost decreases: Stagnant decrease in the manpower required. A reduced amount in the process of production as its directly proportional to the reduction in raw materials required. Resulting in a reduced reduction of costs drastically.
  3. MANAGEMENT: Improving morales and keeping the employees motivated by providing them perks and facilities. Planning will really help, documentation and report making will certainly give a better insight into the situation.
  4. SAFETY: Less chance of hazards by providing safe working conditions.
  5. DELIVERY: Ensuring movement and delivery of the finished goods within a short span of time with the accepted level of finished goods maintained. This approach is not just for business and industrial activities. It’s also followed in the healthcare facilities. It’s implemented in hospitals and healthcare systems around the globe. It’s not just applicable to Japanese people but has been a worldwide phenomenon.
Numerous case studies have been done in industrial environments where the projects completed way before deadlines and the products manufactured were of far superior qualities.It increases organizational momentum and overcomes skepticism. Kazan culture, thus seems promising in both the short as well as the long run.Therefore, learning and implementing it will always be beneficial in every stage of your life, both personally and professionally.

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