3 Reasons why you should blog as a Designer

  1. You can Show your Skills and Expertise
If you have a blog it means you are presenting your skills to the world.
  1. Learn new Technologies and Soft Skills
When I started the blogging, I have learned various technologies and various tools just because of I want to present them to my company. But to blog as a designer is not only about learning new technologies, It’s also about learning new skills: Marketing yourself as a designer.
  1. Expand your blog to your own business
If you have your own blog and running from long time, you can expand your blog into all directions. You can create your self-product, you can write books and sell them, and you can offer your own services. You can also make money from your blog but the condition is that if you have attractive and useful information than you can attract people into your blog and you can earn from google AdSense.

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