13 Things about Skill gap you may not have known 2

Most People think that skill gap is a fiction but i does exist. So what is skill distance? It is the spacing between the skill gap employers are looking for and the skill that the employers passes e.g. infusion, writing, reading and mathematical skills. Due to lack of adequate skills, unemployment and vacancies are growing rapidly. Unemployment is up. Yet employers cannot find the working staff they want. According to a study titled an Adapt survive', there has been low productivity because the compnies are not able to match talent with right opportunities, costs incurred during recruitment and long searches to find the right candidates. Problem What causes skill gap?

  1. The Changing environment

This is according to jake Schwartz, CEO and co-founder of General Assembly. Most compnies are now embracing technology and if employees lack these skills they will end up being irrelevant and laid off from work thus creating vacancies.

  1. Lack of employees who have the right qualifications for in-demand jobs e.g. computer science, engineering, advanced manufacturing and healthcare. Students being trained in these fields are few. For example, in the Year 2014, 55,367 students graduated in computer science, computer programming and computer networking which is the quite low. Most students prefer jobs such as law, teaching etc. because they are considered prestigious.
  2. Lack of training in the workplace.

Employers prefer hiring employees who already have the skills that they require rather than train them. They fear thay once an employee gets the necessary skills they will quit and find work in a competitor company.

  1. Low remuneration

Most organizations do not offer a competitive pay, therefor prospective employees opt for organizations that pay well.

  1. Poor automated job match result

The employers have been giving out a long list of qualifications which no one possesses. This result in few potential candidates or none at all and low match rates.

  1. Experience

Employers normally look for employees who already have the relevant experience.

  1. Lack of relational skills.

Most of the graduates that are being released to the job market lack necessary relational skills such as critical thinking, time management, team players among others.

  1. Lack of adequate and better resources

Employers should ensure that employees have enough resources so that they can be able to be productive in the workplace.

  1. Out-migration

Some of the people who possess the relevant skills have migrated to countries which offer better pay.

  1. Education System

The education system does not adequately prepare the students from the workplace. The curricula being taught in schools has failed to address this issue.

  1. Non-alignment of HR and the workforce strategy to the business strategy.

Failure to do assessments by the HR has caused a skill gap because they do not know the skills that will be required in the future.

  1. Reluctance of the employees to flourish themselves

Employees. Once they get a job no longer bother to acquire more skills. They get into a comfort zone.

  1. Baby boomers high unprecedented retirement numbers.

The baby boomers are retiring in large numbers creating vacancies since the generation that followed them was smaller in number and thus creating a vacuum that cannot be easily filled. SOLUTIONS To curb this skill gap, employers, employees and students should take the following into account;

  1. Written Conversation

Students out to know how to communicate very well in written form. This ensures that when they find work they can do reports, opinions etc. in a way that is both appealing and professionals, it should show completeness, conciseness, logical and free from grammatical and spelling mistakes. The written work must be elegant.

  1. Presentation Skills

Students should be able to contact fluently in any language that they know. This requires clarity of thought, and for this to happen one must have vast knowledge in his/her area of expertise. At some point in the workplace, one will be to make a presentation that is why presentation skills are vital.

  1. Research

One of the most vital skill is research. By doing research, one gains knowledge in various sectors and therefore gets the skills that they are required to have. This involves knowing where to get resources in order to do a good research.

  1. Interpersonal skills

Students and employees should ensure that they are team players, able to interact with others, communicate very well, self-motivation, think critically etc. These are the necessary employability skills.

  1. Training

Employers should train their employees so that they acquire the necessary skills to get the job done. The employers should also take advantage of Government sponsored trainings by enrolling their employees for training since it is government funded. Employees should also try to adjust to the changes in the workplace by acquiring the required skills.

  1. Better resources

Employees should be exposed to better resources by the employers to ensure smooth operation at the workplace.

  1. Hire third parties

Employers can fill theses gaps by employing people who are qualified in a certain field to fill vacancies.

  1. Better recruitment and selection process

Employers should ensure that they employ the best people on the market who can adapt to any change in the workplace.

  1. Improved education system

Education system needs to be revamped due to the changes that are taking place e.g. introduction o0f technology. Students need to be trained to think critically and have problem solving skills which are vital in any workplace. Students need also to be encouraged to do in-demand courses so that skill gap can be a thing of the past.

  1. Strong internship co-op programs. Graduates should be willing to do internship whether paid or unpaid in order for them to acquire the necessary skils. Organizations should also partner with colleges to start recruitment of future employees.
  2. Alignment of the HR and workforce Strategy to the business strategy.

The HR should conduct an assessment so that it can be able to identify skills that will be required in the future and the steps that should be taken to ensure.

  1. Self-development

Employees should ensure that they develop themselves so that they can remain relevant in the workplace.

  1. Youth Empowerment

Youths should be empowered so that they can become role models to the rest and be able to also encourage each other.   CONCLUSION Here at Smart Skill Tech PVT. LTD. (Company) we will provide you with the skills that you need to conquer the workplace and the necessary knowledge to help you bridge that gap and provide you with the necessary counseling.

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